Horizon Learning Solutions is a full service provider of College Test Preparatory Workshops.

Our focus is local. Our emphasis is Michigan.

We primarily serve the South East Michigan area, including all cities in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. We can also customize our workshops for any community or High School in Michigan.

Getting into the college of your choice can be a challenge. It is an even greater challenge if you want a major that is highly in demand.

We are confident that we have a program that will meet your needs.

SAT and ACT are benchmark tests that all college and universities use to partially gauge the ability of entering freshman.

Horizon Learning Solutions offers strategy and comprehensive workshops for ACT, SAT, and PSAT exams. Our workshops run from 1 day to 7 days in length. You can REGISTER for a workshop by signing up online.

What’s New

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citation“I really benefited from the English and Reading portions of the Subject reviews…”

“There was great interaction between the Instructor and the students, not just a lecture.”

“Small class size and interaction with other students was great.”

“ACT 2 Combo helped my ACT score increase by an average of 2 points.”

Why Horizon?

As the foundation of Integrated Learning, our classroom experience is enriching, dynamic, and valuable for our students. Our traditional classroom delivery method – instructor lecture, and student participation, followed by student practice using actual test questions, is enhanced to include computer adaptive tests after class.

We distinguish ouselves by:

  • Using a structured, and  proven approach, supplemented with an enhanced curriculum, and supporting instruction from Cambridge Educational Services
  • Using instructors who have several years of Workshop teaching experience, and in many cases multiple years of teaching at a college or high school level
  • Providing the best value to our students – both in terms of time and money

Upcoming Events

Math Fundamentals for High Schoolers
Description: This is a six session Workshop that will reinforce basic Algebra and Geometry concepts. It will help you build a better base for the classroom and for standardized tests like the ACT and SAT.
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