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Catholic Central High School

It is without reservation that I recommend Horizon Learning Solutions. Anna and Neal take the time to get to know their students, assessing the strengths and weaknesses in order to focus on what is necessary to prepare for the ACT. This service is far better than any cookie cutter preparation class. Two of my children worked with Horizon and they performed extremely well! I am very happy with the work done at Horizon!
Heather M. Lee Esq. - Title Partners, LLC
Fall 2017, Catholic Central, Parent
I was provided with ACT tutoring. I liked the one on one aspect. I increased my scores in almost every category. Yes, I would recommend this to other students.
Farzad B.
11th, Grade - Detroit Catholic Central High School / Jan. 2016, Novi, MI

Grand Blanc High School

There was great interaction between the Instructor and the students, not just a lecture.
Grand Blanc High School / Grand Blanc, MI
I really benefitted from the English and Reading portions of the Subject reviews. Adi Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, MI 11th grade My daughter recently took part in your Math & Science Refresher for the ACT. She felt the class was very beneficial and an extremely efficient use of study time. Your dedication and flexibility to participate before her test date is especially appreciated. We both would recommend your prep courses without hesitation.
Tim S. (Parent)
Sarah S. (Student)
Grand Blanc High School / Grand Blanc, MI

Hartland High School

Small class size and interaction with other students was great.
11th Grader
Hartland High School / Hartland MI

International Academy

I have been a student of Mr. Neal Maheshwari and Mrs. Anna Maheshwari for a little more than a year now and I personally have gained a lot from time spent with them. When I started with them, I was hovering around a 31 on ACT practice tests and was able to score a 34 when I finally took the real test. I also managed to score 1490 out of 1520 on the PSAT test after scoring 197 out of 240 the year before I started classes with Mr and Mrs. Maheshwari. One thing that really stuck out to me was the personal attention that they gave me; whenever I had classes with them, I felt very comfortable with them as they always made the extra effort to ask me about my day or give me advice on how I should be positioning my college application as I looked towards the future. Mrs. Maheshwari showed me many ACT English and Reading strategies that made me look at the big picture of every passage, which greatly improved my timing on these sections. Mr. Maheshwari helped me solidify and truly understand the challenging and critical concepts that the ACT has at the end of the Math and Science sections. They personalized classes for my strengths and weaknesses and made the most out of the time that I had because they understood the rigors of day-to-day school. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone looking for improvement on their ACT or SAT standardized tests, regardless of the subject or level of improvement needed!
Arshjot S.
11th Grade, International Academy, Troy, MI / Jan. 2016

Mercy High School

Northville High School

I greatly benefited from the one-on-one instruction that I received from Neal and Archana towards my college application process. My ACT score improved immensely with their coaching, allowing me to reach a score of 34. I applied to a few direct med programs, and both Neal and Archana helped revise my personal statements and prepared me for college interviews. I was accepted in to the 8 year BS-DO program at MSU, and I couldn't have done it without their help! P.S: Pooja is currently a Freshman at Michigan State University in their 8 year D.O. Program - Horizon Learning Solutions - Jan 2016
Pooja D.
NHS Senior, Mar 2015 / Pooja is currently a Freshman in the BS-DO program at MSU - 1/16
The practice tests made me feel like I am taking the real ACT. I finally got a 35 on the ACT. I am now a Freshman at DUKE University and plan to major in Political Science
Yash B.
Northville High School / December 2015
The ACT short format gave me a good mix of strategy and let us practice using real test like questions. Instructors are very helpful and the small class sizes helped me ask questions without any hesitation.
Jake S.
Northville High School / Northville, MI

Novi High School

ACT 2 Combo helped my ACT score increase by an average of 2 points.
Novi High School / Novi, MI

Pioneer High School

I really benefited from the English and Reading portions of the Subject reviews.
Pioneer High School / Ann Arbor, MI

St. Catherine’s High School

Horizon Learning Solutions has been of great assistance to me. The personalized help and encouragement made me feel as though I could and would succeed to achieve my goal score. The practice times were flexible, and I always felt at ease. I know that I would not have been able to get the ACT score that I did without their help.
Maura L.
St. Catherine of Siena Academy, Wixom, MI / Jan 2016; Maura started her Freshman Year at Notre Dame in Fall 2017 / Class of 2017

UD Jesuit High School

Testimonials from parents

I’ve been to a few tutors, I must say Horizon Learning Solutions is the absolute BEST!!!! My son has always been eager to learn, but when it’s time to attend his tutoring sessions he is overjoyed. Be prepared to see a drastic improvement!!!!
Hattie Jennings
Fall 2017, Parent, 5th Grader
It is without reservation that I recommend Horizon Learning Solutions. Anna and Neal take the time to get to know their students, assessing the strengths and weaknesses in order to focus on what is necessary to prepare for the ACT. This service is far better than any cookie cutter preparation class. Two of my children worked with Horizon and they performed extremely well! I am very happy with the work done at Horizon!
Heather M. Lee Esq. - Title Partners, LLC
Fall 2017, Catholic Central, Parent
Anna and Neal are very dedicated to their students. They give you the tools to help you achieve your highest potential. They install confidence in a calm, caring way.
Christine Christou Blanzy
Parent, Grosse Ile High School / Nov. 2017
The Horizon Learning Team really helped my kids with motivation, building self confidence, and discipline. I will highly recommend them.
Dr.Seema Ahluwalia
Parent, Juniors, Phoenix, Arizona / Nov 2017 - Skype
Anna and Neal provided test prep tutoring for my son in such a caring, nurturing manner. That is not to say that their expectations were low! They made him feel comfortable while also giving him confidence, encouragement, and taught him to expect the best from himself. They took him on as one of their own and had a genuine interest in his future.
Colleen Williams
Fall 2017, UD Jesuit, Parent
This has been a wonderful asset to my daughter's education. Anna & Neal provide a nurturing learning experience and have helped her realize her true potential.
Michael Paquette
Spring 2017, NHS, Parent / Benco Dental
Neal and Anna are extremely professional and completely engaged in tutoring their students to perform at their highest level!
Shilpa Kolhatkar
Summer 2017, Novi High School, Parent
My daughter has seen significant improvement on both ACT and SAT since her sessions with Horizon Learning Solutions. I would highly recommend them as a resource for SAT/ACT prep. Not only is she pleased with the results of her last test score she is also more confident in her test-taking abilities.
Natalie Grech Hige
Summer 2017, NHS, Parent
Wonderful learning experience! HLS proved to be a very good match for our son, not only in terms of knowledge transfer per se (his ability to wield and apply information in SAT-type tests), but also with regard to his enthusiasm for SAT preparation. The instructors offer honest, constructive feedback, while friendly and very approachable. Thank you Professor Anna Maheshwari!
Ada Gruianu
Winter 2016, NHS, Parent
Anna and Neal are very knowledgeable educators. I trusted them preparing my daughter for her SAT and appreciated all their hard work! What I personally liked about them as a mother, is they kept us parents highly involved in our daughters progress. which in my opinion is a very crucial step in the students progress and success. I highly recommend them and would use them again for my other children.
Rita Samir Soka
Summer 2017, Mercy High School, Parent
Anna and Neal from Horizon Learning Solutions are more than just ACT and SAT tutors. They take a vested interest in your child, and design an individualized program to help your child meet their goals. They are kind, highly organized, and communicate well, providing updates on your child's progress. In addition, they offer the "whole package," offering tutoring in all testing subjects as well as other college application services.
Julie Schwartz Silberg
Fall 2017, NHS, Parent
We were totally confused on which options to pick for our son to make him better in high school and slowly prepare for college admissions. Selecting horizon learning solutions has been the best decision we could have made. Personalized one on one sessions with very competent and caring teachers has helped my son learn a lot. Highly recommended.
Sumeer Dosanjh
Summer 2017, International Academy, Parent
Anna and Neel: I would happily recommend you to others as I think your services are invaluable. I appreciate your very supportive style and all your efforts. Your unique approach of understanding the needs and requirements of each student and the personalized attention you give is amazing. It is comforting to have someone like you by your side.
Vaibhav Ghosalkar
Fall 2017, Troy High School, Parent

Testimonials from administrators

Thanks for offering another amazing ACT Test Strategies Workshop. Our students always comment on the personal attention they received in your workshops, and I am always impressed with the scores from the practice tests. Great job !
Carol Hayes
Director / Hartland Community Education Center


They are tutoring me for the ACT. They are so genuine and kind, and I really enjoy learning from them. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of a tutor!
Ava Ruggirello
Fall 2017, Student, Junior
I would not be where I am today, if it weren't for Horizon Learning Solutions. Getting an interview to a specific program can be very difficult. However, doing well in the interview can be even harder. Not only did Horizon Learning Solutions help me with my Personal Statement, but they also helped prepare me for my interviews. Never before have I felt as prepared for an interview. I left every interview feeling confident and I owe all my success to Horizon Learning Solutions. I highly recommend them.....they wont stop helping you untill you succeed!
Anshu Bhardwaj
Fall 2017, UD Mercy Dental School, Senior
They did a great job with my interview training! Highly recommend without any hesitation.
Parul Gupta
Fall 2017, MSU, Senior / Parul has been accepted into several Medical Schools for the 2018 Year. Congratulations!

Direct Medical

I would definitely recommend Horizon Learning Solutions for anyone who needs any type of help on the SAT, ACT, or college essays/interviews. Both Mr and Mrs. Maheshwari helped me tremendously! Right off the bat, I could tell they genuinely wanted me to do well, and they still are exuberant whenever I let them know that something good has happened for me! I would say that it's easy to get caught up in the big-name companies, but Horizon Learning Solutions was the perfect combo of information and support for me!
Arsh Singh
Arsh started his BS-DO program at MSU in Fall 2017. Congratulations!
"Horizon Learning Solutions was able to assist me with many things, including my ACT score and a direct undergrad-medical school (Muhlenberg College and Drexel University) program interview. Horizon Learning Solutions immediately boosted my ACT score after just one, last minute meeting. Although I was not able to achieve my goal ACT score, I have no doubt that I would have been able to do so with the help of Horizon Learning Solutions if I had been able to maintain taking sessions. For my interview, I was able to practice responding to potential questions, giving me a high level of confidence during my actual interview. As a result, I received admission into the Muhlenberg and Drexel 4-4 medical program and could not be more thrilled!"
Taj S
Pennsylvania / Pennsylvania