One on One Tutoring

Price: $85 / hour –  when taught by College Graduates / Professors

Price: $50 / hour – when taught by College Students

All ACT, SAT and PSAT related subjects

We offer one-on-one Tutoring in Math, Reading Comprehension, Science Comprehension,  English, AND Writing.

These are Custom created sessions to meet the specific needs of each student. They are tailored to help you better prepare for your High School Classes, AP level classes, or get you ready for a College Test like the ACT, SAT, or PSAT .

We begin with a pre-meeting with the student and the parent(s) to determine your goals and an assessment of your present skills. There is NO CHARGE for this session. We then provide you with a workplan on how Horizon Learning Solutions can help you meet your objectives.

The private one-on-one sessions  are typically 90 mins. to 2 hours for each session.

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We also offer remote tutoring via Skype.

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Group Lessons – Created for small and large groups

A parent(s) can help create a small group of students (typically 3 to 5). The group benefits by learning from one another, the group is encouraged and motivated to do well, and it costs much lower (up to 50% lower) than one on one tuitions.

We also teach groups of 25 to 80 students in a large setting. This is typically done at an institutional or High School level. The formats vary between all day class and multi half day classes.

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We also offer remote tutoring via Skype.

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I would not be where I am today, if it weren't for Horizon Learning Solutions. Getting an interview to a specific program can be very difficult. However, doing well in the interview can be even harder. Not only did Horizon Learning Solutions help me with my Personal Statement, but they also helped prepare me for my interviews. Never before have I felt as prepared for an interview. I left every interview feeling confident and I owe all my success to Horizon Learning Solutions. I highly recommend them.....they wont stop helping you untill you succeed!
Anshu Bhardwaj
Fall 2017, UD Mercy Dental School, Senior