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I have been a student of Mr. Neal Maheshwari and Mrs. Anna Maheshwari for a little more than a year now and I personally have gained a lot from time spent with them. When I started with them, I was hovering around a 31 on ACT practice tests and was able to score a 34 when I finally took the real test. I also managed to score 1490 out of 1520 on the PSAT test after scoring 197 out of 240 the year before I started classes with Mr and Mrs. Maheshwari. One thing that really stuck out to me was the personal attention that they gave me; whenever I had classes with them, I felt very comfortable with them as they always made the extra effort to ask me about my day or give me advice on how I should be positioning my college application as I looked towards the future. Mrs. Maheshwari showed me many ACT English and Reading strategies that made me look at the big picture of every passage, which greatly improved my timing on these sections. Mr. Maheshwari helped me solidify and truly understand the challenging and critical concepts that the ACT has at the end of the Math and Science sections. They personalized classes for my strengths and weaknesses and made the most out of the time that I had because they understood the rigors of day-to-day school. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone looking for improvement on their ACT or SAT standardized tests, regardless of the subject or level of improvement needed!
Arshjot S.
11th Grade, International Academy, Troy, MI / Jan. 2016